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Teräs-Kari Oy was founded in 1979 and we are based in Tuusula, Finland. We develop and manufacture magnets for the needs of precast concrete industry. We have also been making manhole cover lifters for over 20 years now.
Manhole cover lifters are used by a wide range of different fields of work

In addition to our product line we also design and manufacture custom products according to our customers' needs.
We also do laser cutting with a 2D-laser for our own needs but also for our customers' needs. 
 Our business idea is to seek out, develop and produce the best possible products and solutions
in co-operation with our customers to find the best solutions for each customer.
Our expertise, experience and continuous R&D work help us provide our customers with
products of exceptional quality and practicality while still being cost-effective.


"Teräs-Kari, The Name of Quality"


We are based in Tuusula, Finland

Sulantie 15, Tuusula, Finland

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